Has your website stopped functioning as it should?

Have you lost touch with your original developer or they simply won’t play ball?

As a web developer who builds websites from scratch, writing code, without the need for a content management system, we are often asked to help out when other website designers have hit a wall.

Or it might simply be that support is no longer available, but a prospective client still needs their website, indeed they might need to update it, adding content and/or functionality.

Rebuild or start from scratch ?

Sometimes it’s easier to start from scratch, but often we have to take a look at what’s there and see what can be done with it.

There are so many web builders out there, that on face value looks like a great way to get started, but often they can be limiting, and we have helped numerous clients migrate to a better option.

And whilst we still do a lot of bespoke development, we also do a lot with WordPress.

WordPress dominates the content management system (CMS) marketplace, with over 40% of websites worldwide using it.

WordPress is super flexible in terms of the content/functionality, you can create relatively easily using carefully selected themes and plugins. However, it’s not uncommon for plugins to clash so the more you add the more likely a clash will occur, and if nothing else the sheer volume of plugins can start to slow your website down.

That’s why it’s important to optimise the build of your website, selecting the right plugins / themes and using custom code to tailor the website to your exact needs.

You’ve got to start from the bottom up…

We recently took over a website that had been part built by an overseas developer, but things had gone awry and they were no longer willing to help without my client paying a small fortune (on top of what they had already paid).

A full e-commerce website with trade and consumer pricing, it had over 60 different plugins installed, so getting to the bottom of the issues was never going to be easy.

However, we dug in and worked through the website, the theme, its plugins, and indeed the child theme that had been created by the original developer.

After many hours of work and discussions with a number of the plugin developers, we got the website live and have continued to support it, enhancing both the content and functionality of the website for our client.

We’re here to help…

So, if you feel like you’ve hit a brick wall with your website, you know what you want it to do, but you just can’t turn that into a reality, give us a call or drop us an email at info@truemomentum.co.uk and we’ll see what we can do to help.