With so many page builders and content management solutions out there, why would you take the time to learn to code?

Indeed, some of the modules built into these builders are pretty impressive, allowing you to add a whole range of different content, quickly and easily.

Of course, using a page builder can lead to a ‘sameness’ when you compare your website to others that have used the same tool, and this is an even bigger issue if you use a page builder that provides content as had been advertised in the past by some hosting companies.

Fortunately, some builders offer a range of customisation options, so you can style content your way, bringing it on brand and making sure it stands out!

However, it’s always going to be difficult, if not impossible to mirror the flexibility of coding from the bottom up, especially when it comes to styling.

It’s the backbone of any website.

If you look behind any website you will find CSS code (Cascading Style Sheets). It’s used to describe how elements on a webpage should be displayed on screen.

From defining the font, size and colour of text to more complex transitional effects or even animation, it is a powerful tool that in its raw form will allow you to do a lot more than any page builder can do.

The proper use of CSS code will save you time and ensure consistency throughout your website.

So, if you’re looking to take your website to the next level, you have two options, learn CSS code or find someone who does.

Help is at Hand…

Fortunately, as we code from the bottom up, we can help!

Whether that’s enhancing some existing CSS or adding new code to an existing page.

As WordPress developers, not simply users of the world-leading CMS, we create child themes that can be added to your website that help ensure:

  • A consistent look and feel across your website
  • All colours and styling are in line with your brand.

Indeed, it is our intimate understanding of CSS that allows us to tweak the code created by these page builders and create something that is unique to you.

Get in touch…

If you’d like to know how we could help take the look and feel of your website to the next level, or indeed you have an issue you’d like us to look at, please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email at info@truemomentum.co.uk and we’ll see what we can do to help.