So you’ve created your website, loaded some great content, fine-tuned the functionality, and started sharing what you are about all over social media… Winning!

That’s it, you can sit back and start to reap the rewards of your efforts.

If only it was that simple…

Applications change (how often have you logged into Facebook and wondered where something has gone), software is updated, sometimes without you knowing if it’s on a server, you rent space on (your hosting).

Often the changes are subtle and don’t bring your systems crashing down, but they can.

With a bespoke website you tend to have less to worry about as you control more of what’s going on, however with platforms like WordPress where you bring together software from a variety of different developers, software that is regularly updated, software that can clash, it can b quite a different matter.

That’s why we offer a maintained hosting service where we take care of updates, making sure they are completed successfully or finding an alternative when they won’t.

We’re here to help!

Indeed, we have been called in by a growing number of companies who had problems with their websites and could not get to the bottom of them.

It’s what we do, we love to fix your problems, so if you’re worried about your website and want to make sure it is up to date and performing at its optimum level, why not give us a call, we’d be more than happy to have a look and chat about how we could help.