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With traffic on social networks outnumbering that on the search engines, its more important than ever that your business uses social media to build its brand.
Facebook has nearly 2 Billion Users, who spend more than 1,200 Billion minutes online every month
Add to that over 300 Million active Twitter users, some of which are on and offline all day.
YouTube serves more than a Billion hours of video everyday… and is set to overtake TV viewing
The speed with which word can spread over the social networks is incredible. Peer-to-peer recommendations giving “social proof” that what you have to offer is worth having!

Call it what you want, social marketing,. social media marketing, social networking, we're here to make sure you use social media to its full potential for your business
Setting you up on the social networks, if you haven’t already got accounts, using customisation and the variety of widgets out there to maximise your exposure.
Integrating your social media, using blogs to drive people to your website, integrating your blog with Facebook and Twitter to allow your readers to instantly like a post or retweet it to their followers.
Helping you to create consistent and compelling content and helping you to distribute it to the myriad of social platforms, bookmarking sites and directories
It's not a case of “Hey can we manage your Facebook account for you”, our goal is to drive your brand online, creating a social media strategy that will develop your position as someone people want to work with and generate you business.

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