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Unlike most marketing consultancies, we go beyond the delivery of glossy brochures and websites, we can provide support in all areas of the sales process.
Previous Work...
Work completed to date includes the development of a number of presentations for our clients the scope including:
The design of the presentation template.
Writing the copy (bullets & infill for slides as well as full presentation notes for the presenter.
Graphic design and animation of the individual slides (sourcing and creation of the appropriate imagery).
We have even helped our cleints by giving presentations for them!
We have also developed a number of tools to assist our clients with the following:
Prospect Tracking - Helping them to maintain contact with their potential clients, keeping an eye on future order intake.
Quotation Generation - Automating the pricing process and the generation of the relevant paper work.
Revenue Forecasting - Highlighting what monies should be coming and when.
Asset Management - Helping them to manage who was where and doing what.

What our clients are saying...

  Working with the team at True Momentum was a real eye opener. I'd recommend them to any business that is looking to sharpen up its marketing strategy.