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Our work ranges from a simple tidy up of existing materials to the creation of new ones from scratch. A single flyer or a complete suite of materials, depending upon what you need.
Not focusing on one media, we create a core set of marketing material which is then translated into good quality marketing literature, web-site content and advertising material as required.
Previous Work...
We can give you as much or as little help as you need, creating the right materials for the job at hand. Some recent projects includes:
We worked with one manufacturing company to bring together a complete suite of materials for a new product they had developed.
  We updated their existing website, created a new mini-site for the new product and developed advertising, fact-sheets and Mailshotting material to support their marketing efforts.
We have worked with two of our clients to support their participation at an exhibition and to organise their own product road show .
  Completed against very tight timescales, our scope included pre event advertising, planning & design of the stand, development of supporting materials (banner-up stands, brochures, flyers and presentations ) and interface with suppliers to ensure demo equipment came together.
We have created the material for a number of our clients' email and Mailshotting campaigns, our scope including the development of the copy and graphic design.
We worked with a number of companies to develop taglines and copy for a poster / postcard campaign to promote their products & services.
We have directed video shoots for our clients, producing material for use within presentations, at exhibitions and online.
We also create detailed documents for our clients to supplement their core materials. Documents they send direct to clients and make available for download from their websites. Documents such as a company profile, capability documents and operation & maintenance manuals.

What our clients are saying...

  The website you created doesn't just help me win work, it helps me manage my business on a day-to-day basis.