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Our work ranges from gathering a snapshot of the markets in which our clients operate (who their clients are or could be, who their competition is and who they might be able to work with in the development of their businesses) through to providing more detailed information with regards to specific companies, products or services as required.
All of this work helps us to profile our clients, mapping exactly where they stand, what their strengths are (their unique selling points) their weakness, the opportunities in the market place and the threats to their business. All of which feed into the strategies we go on to develop.
Previous Work...
Our work often involves the Identification of potential customers for a client's particular product or service. Specific work includes:
Identification of the players involved in the recent sell off by National Grid of four of their local distribution zones, so that my client could ensure they were making contact with all the right people. A similar exercise was also completed in which we identified the companies involved with National Grid's Network Replacement Contracts.
We worked with another client to identify the forth coming plans of a number of their potential customers. We determined what they had been doing, what they had been buying (and from who) and what they planned to do next.
Some of the more detailed research we have completed includes:
Identification and review of a client's potential competition across a number of sectors. (Work which involved the identification and review of around 900 companies)
Canvassing of 4,000 members of the public with regards to their views on how they plan and spend their recreational time. Data that was required to support a service one of my clients was developing.

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