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We can offer you as much or as little help as you need and often a good place to start is to have us complete a marketing audit.
We'll carry out a review of your current marketing activities, examining both the materials you have and how you use them.
A report will then be generated detailing how we believe your materials can be improved and what marketing activities will prove most successful.
Marketing Materials
Looking at the materials you currently employ, in particular examining:
The individual message of each item.
The composite message of the materials as a whole.
We will look at how best these can be employed and what could be done to improve them.
Marketing Methods
Examining the methods you currently employ:
How you market your products & services.
How you try to win business.
Looking at both the passive and active techniques, we will ensure you are getting the mix right and not missing an opportunity to improve your position in the market.

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  Once again you prove that the personal touch and attention to detail of a local outfit produces the goods!