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Whether it's a couple of pages or more of an epic, a business plan is key to helping you steer your business forward.
It's your business plan that defines what your business is about, why it will succeed and how you plan to run your business.
Of course it's not just for your own personal consumption, it you're looking for funding, whether its for banks or other investment, they are going to want to see something that gives them the confidence they can invest in you.
Well, we can help you create your business plan, help you gather the data, ask the questions, fill the gaps and ensure you have a document that works for you and your potential investors!
Defining you, your business and the markets you plan to target:

You and Your Business

The Products and Services you will offer

The markets which you will operate

Your potential clients

Your competition

Defining your operation and how plan to take your business forward:

Your Location

Your Facilities

Your Sales Strategy

And not forgetting the financials:

Sales Forecasts

Cash flow Forecasts

Profile & Loss Accounts

Start Up Costs & Survival Budgets

We can help you create the above from scratch or add detail to an already drafted document. We can offer advice and support and we've a bunch of templates you that can help you create the best possible plan for your future.

What our clients are saying...

  Working with the team at True Momentum was a real eye opener. I'd recommend them to any business that is looking to sharpen up its marketing strategy.