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We have provide our clients with a variety of paper-based media including brochures, folders, leaflets and other flyers.

Some Previous Work...

  The Broadway

  As part of a wider campaign we created a set of postcards to promote the new ownership and get the local community involved in the redevelopment of the pub / restaurant.  
  Other work completed for this client includes  
Branding & Staionery  
Website Design  
Strategy & Planning  
  Hyfit North East
  As part of a suite of materials, we created a 4 page brochure designed to give the reader a quick overview of what our client offered, encouraging them to get on the phone and make contact.  
  3G Engineering
  To suport a mailshot / canavssing campaign, we created a set of leaflets to support each of the four key services our cleint offered.  
  These were setn out in the post and attahced to emails as PDF documents in advance of the canvassing.